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Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) companies are strongly committed to investments in automation. Check out our global vacancies in the world of autonomous vehicles. T-Hive is a small global company with a huge ambition: to provide a global AV software solution for all TICO companies. It requires software with fast prototyping, smart algorithms, good looking interfaces, and perfect quality. It requires engineers with extreme craftsmanship, curiosity, open mind, and dedication. Do you feel challenged? Embark on our journey!

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Software engineer

Routing algorithms with millimetre accuracy, CI/CD in a 24/7/365 environment, from 3D scan to map in minutes – you understand what needs to be done and love the complexity of the job. Join our international expert team and choose: work from home or from any TICO office.

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Emulation engineer

If you like working with SQL, HTLM, CSS or Javascript all day, stop reading now. In this challenging role you'll get the opportunity to become the new software engineer professional and do some actual programming. Are you the out-of-the-box thinker who creates 3D emulation models to see our systems running? If so, then join our Emulation Team.

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TICO jobs in the area of autonomous vehicles

Application Engineer
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Business Consultant AGV
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